GlobaLeaks is an open source project aimed at creating a worldwide, anonymous, censorship-resistant, distributed whistleblowing platform.


Anonymous Whistleblowing can be easy and secure.

The GlobaLeaks suite of software will empower people to stand up anonymously no matter what their definition of "whistleblowing" is. The person or organization running the software will be able to customize the platform to best suit its needs. GlobaLeaks is designed with flexibility in mind, while enabling maximum level of privacy and security by default.

Open source, open documentation.

We believe it is important to make this tool a free software because this allows many types of people to use GlobaLeaks and enables the creation of a community that constantly can contribute to improve the framework.

What we are not!

  • GlobaLeaks is not the new WikiLeaks.

    In fact we have nothing in common. We provide a software; they provide a service. We are an open-source community; they're a closed group of individuals operating behind a public face. We do not handle leaked documents; they do.

  • GlobaLeaks security is limited

    We do our best to provide very secure software, however that's just software and it cannot protect security and anonymity outside our Threat Model. GlobaLeaks does not protect against keyloggers or any other means that compromise the computer security. Especially it does not protect against human mistakes.

  • GlobaLeaks doesn't want your data.

    When you set up a "GlobaLeaks node" – another term for a whistleblowing site – you don't become part of a network, but rather just a node on your own. We invite you to report the existence of your whistleblowing site in LeakDirectory, but that's really up to you.

Lots of usecases, one software

We are interested in fulfilling the needs of diverse public interest use cases: from media to public agencies, from corporations to activists. We use the term framework to emphasize the flexibility of the GlobaLeaks platform. For example, the whistleblower will be anonymous by default, but if whistleblowers choose to disclose their identity, the framework allows them to do so.

Why is transparency important?

GlobaLeaks strives to increase accountability and transparency in our society. When information that affects the public remains hidden, democracy and economies cease to function properly.

Start a GlobaLeaks node, demand transparency!

We believe the public should demand that governments and companies be more accountable for their actions. And we believe governments and economies that embrace openness will benefit by promoting trust and enabling informed discourse and decision-making.

For more details on running your own globaleaks node see the Globaleaks Installation Guide.